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PVC Pipe Production Line Made in China

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Automatic PVC PP PE Pipe Belling Machine Product description: SGKFull-Auto Pipe Belling-machine with drawing device and program interface concerned isused with extruding machine.It is also could separating operation. While expanding pipes,the machine adopts translation.It willnot damage pipe materials. The machine adopts double-infrared heating oven type. Each oven is equipped with heating core. The shaping method adopts expanding-end shaping. The size of pipe mouth is correct. On its panel, there is a transfer switch for expanding ,rubber-ring expansion and rubber-ring lip type sockets. The choice of expanding pipe types is very convenient. The technological adaptability is strong. Its main electric control elements are all exported. The system characteristics are steady and reliable. Features specifications: 1) It is suitable for the R type and U type plastic pipes.The belling range 50-630mm. 2) It can not only used in line with the pipe production line but also can be used alone. 3) The characteristics of this machine is full automatic, stable and reliable, easy to operate. 4) It adopts vacuum calibration inside the mould and force air/water cooling outside. Main technical parameter: ModelSGK50SGK110SGK160SGK250SGK315SGK400SGK630SGK800SGK1000 Expanding range (mm)16-5020-11040-16050-250110-315160-400315-630500-800630-1000 Heating power (Kw)125101116.52325.45870 Total power (Kw)1371315.52530428090 Hydraulic pressure (MPa) Expanding typeUUU and RU and RU and RU and RU and RU and RU and R Cooling wayAir or waterAir or waterWaterWaterWaterWaterWaterWaterWater Weight (kg)2000220022002300280030004500800010000 Dimension (m)7*1.6*27*1.6*27*1.6*27.3*1.7*27.6*1.9*27.9*2.2*2.28.4*3*2.39.6*4.2*2.510*4.6*2.5 Our main product: Any doubt, please welcome to check our showing video on Youtube as belowed link: https://youtu.be/A5EAF0sj4uU The automatic pvc pp pe pipe belling machine made in our factory has applied quality raw materials and world top class technology. Please rest assured to buy the cheap equipment made in China in stock from us and check the quotation with us. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we won't let you down.PVC Pipe Production Line Made in China website:http://www.plasticmachineextruder.com/plastic-pipe-line/pvc-pipe-line/

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17-4PH Stainless Steel Bar suppliers

Company Introduction EO Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel Materials Supplier) is a privately run company that originated from its parent company of 2002 in Shenyang, Liaoning EO Technology Co., Ltd. EO Stainless Steel Company takes the science and technology as the impetus, strives for the survival by the quality. Product Introduction EO Stainless Steel supplies all kinds of stainless steel from our main warehouse located in Shenyang, and from other warehouses in different cities in China to all over the world. For stainless steel we can supply stainless steel sheet, stainless steel tube, stainless steel bar, stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire rope, stainless steel strip, stainless steel coil, stainless steel circle and various stainless steel alloy products. EO Stainless Steel supply you stainless steel products that are good in quality and reasonable in price. Product Applications Due to its strength, flexibility and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel is now commonly used in modern construction. It is used in the exterior cladding for large high impact buildings and can be seen in the interiors too in the form of handrails, counter tops, backsplashes and more. Architecture and construction Stainless steel first came to prominence in construction during the art-deco period. Famously, the upper portion of the Chrysler Building was constructed from stainless steel. Automotive and transportation Today, the use of stainless steel in the automotive industry is increasing. It is used in car exhaust systems, trim and grills, also in structural components. Stainless steel is used in all forms of transportation including ship containers, road tankers and refuse vehicles. Medical Stainless steel is ideal for hygienic environments as it’s easily sterilized and resistant to corrosion. It is used in the construction of surgical and dental instruments, kidney dishes and operating tables, as well as other medical equipment. Surgical implants use stainless steel, as well as replacement joints such as artificial hips. Stainless steel pins and plates are used to fix broken bones in place. Energy and heavy industries The chemical, oil and gas industries operate in demanding environments involving high heat and highly toxic substances. High-grade stainless steel is vital in the construction of storage tanks, valves, pipes, and other components. Food and catering Stainless steel is used in the kitchen accessories, cutlery and cookware. Less ductile grades of steel are used to make knife blades with sharp edges. More ductile grades of steel are used for items that have to be molded into shape such as cookers, grills, sinks and saucepans. Stainless steel is also used as a finish for refrigerators, freezers, countertops and dishwashers. Our Service EO Stainless Steel has professional technicians, advanced production equipment, perfect testing process. Customer is first, reputation is important, quality is a must point. The long-term cooperation with you is our goal.17-4PH Stainless Steel Bar suppliers website:http://www.eostainlesssteel.com/

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